Aipec handles a number of important functions in the petroleum products’ journey from producer to end-user.


Aipec serves as a reliable petroleum product trader in the Nigerian oil and gas market. Our highly experienced team imports and trades refined petroleum products. We strategically help to ensure that the market has reliable supplies of products such as:

Automotive Gas Oil
Premium Motor Spirit
House Hold Kerosene
Jet fuel (Aviation Turbine Kerosene)

We distribute both gasoline and diesel fuel to retail petrol stations across the nation. Our retail partners help us to deliver petroleum products closer to final consumers, and optimize their transportation experience and operations. We Sell:

Automotive Gas Oil
Premium Motor Spirit
Petroleum Product Haulage

Flexibility in the timing and volume of petroleum products is particularly important in meeting the demands and supply of energy products and we achieve this through timely distribution.

Aipec provides distribution of a range of petroleum products across Nigeria. Our fleet of trucks ensures the product is moved to end-users and service stations.

Aipec trucks are equipped with comprehensive security features and discharging metering facilities. Apart from meeting all necessary safety standards, all our trucks are fully insured. Our fleet is available for lease and rental arrangements.

Vessel Chartering

Aipec offers vessel chartering that enables oil and gas resources to be transported from production facilities to refineries or storage terminals.

Aipec ensures each vessel meets the industry standard for maintenance, crew quality and onboard procedures. Chattering our shipping vessels provides timely, cost-effective and safe movement of oil and gas products.

Terminal Facility & Storage

Aipec operates a world-class terminal and storage service. Our facilities enable the safe handling, storage, and distribution of products. Aipec business is focused;

Terminal Operation
Tank Farm
Bulk Storage
Truck Loading Farm
Quality Control and Laboratory Facility
Bulk Storage
Location of the Facility